Breathe.It’s only a bad day,not a bad life. Johnny Depp (via aerosteonunsoyu)

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God has better in store for you. Cliché, I get it, but the first step in finding something better out there is first believing that there is, in fact, something better out there. God is pretty cool. He made your heart, your mind, your personality, He made it all. I’m pretty sure he can make someone else who digs it. I am pretty sure that the God of the universe can find someone who won’t walk away. Because if this guy was God’s plan, he wouldn’t have passed you by. You trusted God with your salvation, and your life, and hopefully your relationship, and God chose a different path for you. He is in charge and no one else can mess up God’s plan for your life. This broken relationship is not going to be mended by sitting around and asking questions forever. You have to leave the pieces on the floor, and move on with your life. Soon, the man of God will walk into your life. You won’t be wondering or guessing about his feelings. You won’t be waiting around for a phone call. You won’t be ruining your life running in circles trying to figure it all out. You won’t be feeling ignored or rejected. You will be too busy being adored. He is coming. Wait for it.
Stop checking your ex’s Facebook page, or Twitter, or Instagram. Stop asking all his friends about him. A breakup should be just that - a BREAK. Think about your future no-name husband and all his spiritual strength and Godly, sweet heart and think, “What are the things that I can do today that he would be proud of?” Pining over a guy who leaves us because he didn’t see your worth - and it’s easy to do, girls - is not something that he would be proud of. I know it’s easier said than done, this moving on process, but just think back to your other little heart breaks when you thought, “Wow, I don’t think God can pull me through.” But He did! And He will again. You just have to turn over the broken pieces of your precious heart to His healing Hands. Give it all to Him… He has it all figured out already.

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Did i ever need that

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When you start to miss me, remember that you let me go. (via iwishtheseweremywords)

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Wow I guess this whole time I was dating a 15 year old boy wearing the mask of a 22 year old man.


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Colors were beautiful on today’s walk ♥